The Gallery

"Add your slogan/motto here"

Left Item

This is paragraph text in a div class called "leftitem".

Lots of Remarks

I have added lots of remarks to the CSS and the XHTML to make the template easier to use.

Extra Styles

I have added extra styles to the CSS such as ordered lists, left and right floating images, h3 headings etc.

Welcome to The Gallery

Hello and welcome to the first template I have submitted to

I have tested the template in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 & 5.5 and Opera and it works fine. I have also validated it at the W3C validator to check the code.

"The Gallery" isn't the simplest of templates ever made, but it is unusually styled, cross browser compatible and highly accessible.

I have annotated both the XHTML and the CSS to make it easier to play around with the template. Have fun!

What does this accomplish?

This template was produced around some strict rules:

Who am I?

My name is Dave and I live in Surrey in England. I have been designing websites for a couple of years now and I run my own site to show some of the work I have been doing recently.

Although I am not a professional designer (I want to be) I have done some freelance work to build up my portfolio and I am also about to start a part time Graphic Design HNC.

Thanks for checking out my template, if you like it then I'd love to know! Please email me here.

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