The Doggie Square

A css & xhtml compliant web template


Hello and welcome to Beagle Site, another web template designed by S Rival Oates. The inspiration for this template came from some really nice photographs of objects on white surfaces that I saw earlier today. I took a look around for something to photograph to get this effect and decided to use this stone. From there I decided that the template would extremely light and easy on the eyes - trying to uphold the feel of this photograph.

Another nice feature of this template is the ability to change the image at the top to somethign more suiting to your site (your logo maybe), whilst still keeping the overall feel of the page. I find that alot of web templates are too reliant on the images they contain and thus only appeal to a small market. I try to make my templates uable by anyone.


As anyone looking for a website template to use would expect - this template is of course, both CSS and XHTML valid according to the w3c. The benfits of this include;

For more information regarding this, and lots of other usefull web design related stuff, follow this link.

About the Author

Hi there. My names s and I'm an 18 Year old web designer from the United Kingdom. My company; Six Shooter Media provides a wide range of web design possibilities to a wide range of clients. I specialise in CSS and XHTML coding but can also install and modify PHP scripts such as Counters and Content Management Systems.

I also run my own personal website, which I use as a blog, a place to upload my photographs/drawings, do a bit of writing, and post news about my web design capers now and again. Along side this website, I've just opened another website which I use to host my templates and write tutorials for web design beginners. This can be found here.

I make these web templates in my spare time as a kind of hobby, plus I like 'giving something back' to the web design community. Feel free to download and use this template as you wish - for you site or just for education purposes, but please leave the link to my website in at the bottom of the page, thanks.