Who can use this template?

GoFlexible-Two is an extension to my first design GoFlexible.

GoFlexible-Two is a powerful and modular template with a separate design for the entry page and other pages. Numerous color options are available. The template can be used for your personal website, businesses or even webportals.

The Layout

GoFlexible-Two is a three-column design using modular boxes in the middle and right columns. In the middle section boxes can be of half- or full-width. The arrangement and order of boxes is flexible. The top header and left menus give powerful navigation capabilities for content-rich websites. Pictures integrate seamlessly.

The Colors

GoFlexible-Two has a standard color scheme, which is shown on the first two pages.

Additional color options can be found under the links in the top navigation bar for grey, yellow, blue, green and red. The titles and backgrounds for the boxes can vary colors independently of each other.

The Text

GoFlexible-Two contains sufficient formats available for texts. You can choose between "heading", "subheading" and normal paragraphs. See under "Other Pages" for examples.

News and Links

Use this column for news, events, etc.

Additional links:

Link A

Link B

It's free to use!

Enjoy the template at no cost. Feel free to retain my name as original designer in the footer. This is my second template, so I am just a beginner. Some of my other interests can be found here.

Any questions?

My name is Gerhard, and here is my email: