Welcome to EasyChianti.com, where I offer personalized trip-planning and consultation for travelers interested in a unique experience of the beautiful Italian countryside. The warm, sunny hills of Chianti country are land of relaxation and meditation, where a bottle of local wine can be your companion into the hidden places I can help you discover. We will explore traditional wineries, enjoy classical Italian food, visit beautiful villas, historical locations, or just take a walk into the scenic countryside.

The difference in what I can give you versus most other tour guides is a unique experience tailored to your desires by drawing upon over 10 years of international travel and tastes cultivated by working in the finest restaurants and bars. Often times many tour guides will take you on regimented routes with wine tasting classes and trips that amount to little more than bland tourism. What I want to offer you is a chance to experience rural Italy as it really is, beautiful, meditative, passionate yet simple.

I start working the same time as the grapes do, and finish when they do as well.
From the beginning April to the end of October.

If you are interested in a different style of travel, something off the beaten path, something unique...

Please, feel free to contact me at samueko@easychianti.com

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