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Welcome to andreas02!

This is my second design made for, and this time it is a 2-column layout featuring two versions of my own CSS tab menu. The design is made with XHTML and CSS, and it has no tables. To give some suggestions on how the design can be used, I have filled it with some example content.


The idea behind the design:

I run several websites on different domains, and they are all connected in various ways. One website is my personal site, and it has a lot of links to my company website, which shares a lot of content with my studio and artist websites. Despite this, all the sites have different designs and different functionality - and it is all one big mess to keep track of it all. Are you familiar with the situation? Then read on!

When it was time to redesign one of the sites, I got an idea about making a standard design that all of my sites could use and make some kind of official link network between the sites. My way of doing this turned out to be the use of toptabs (for selecting a website) and navitabs (for selecting subsections within the different sites). With a basic PHP template, all sites can have the same design and share the same toptabs - but they can have their own separate content. The final touch to it would be to give each site a color scheme of its own. The personal site has blue colors, the company site is green, the artist site is red and so on.

Please note: As with all designs I publish on my page at, I have not aimed at making any kind of trendy or shiny design. I prefer to keep it clean and simple, and let others add the details that will make the design special and unique. However, the design has some useful built-in features, such as a print CSS and full functionality when degrading to no-CSS mode. You can use the design as it is, but I recommend that you play around with it. Add things, remove things, let your creativity flow!

An open source design!

If you like this layout and would like to use it in any way, you are free to do so. This is an open source web design, and all I ask for is that you leave the "Design by Andreas Viklund" link in the footer of the site. If you would like to remove that line, or if you would like professional help with anything related to this layout (such as custom design, branding, scripting or programming), please contact me through or through my website for more information.

Version: 1.0 (July 27, 2005)