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Welcome to my Ascension and Purification Energy.

I am a healer and liberator whose intent is to speak to your heart. Please quiet your mind and allow your heart to open. This one action will allow you to see a different aspect of truth as you shift your vibration.
Please contact me.

CD Your Healing
It is my honor to guide people in releasing their past and karma. I align myself with the energies of compassion, mercy, love an forgiveness... 

Daily Prayers Meditations

This set of 6 CD’s was developed to assist you in building a discipline in daily alignments with your true self. I offer these to continue your personal transformation so we co-create a new reality for you...

Create Your Karma Liberation: Group
Todos aquellos que vibren con esta energía  de purificación y liberación están invitados a co-crear grupos de liberación karmica. Haremos el trabajo vía Internet...

Child Self Healing

Releasing child self toxic memories from the thymus, releasing shame, guilt, slavery energy criticism and other restrictions to set our inner child free...

Magic Healing of the Angels
how to use the Healing Magic of the Angels, so you will go through a transformation and purification process to increase your vibration level. Through these gatherings we release those things from our past

EMF Balancing Technique

It is a technique and a process that calibrates and balances the universal calibration lattice and the electromagnetic field of the person who receives the phase...

From USA call to 310-838-5001 -Toll free: 888-613-1186.
E-mail: carol@healerliberator.com

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Rev. Carol Perry ® Healer, Teacher, Liberator - email: carol@healerliberator.com